About Nexus Cleaning

Nexus Cleaning has been operating since 1998 as a major contractor in the supermarket division. Nexus has built its reputation through the delivery of high quality service and industry technology advancements.
The basis of our service has been built from our specialty service teams and management with the capabilities to provide a specialized service across a broad range of industry areas.

Our company provides striping and sealing services to all the major retail chains in Australia. Our teams strip and seal in excess of 1,000,000 square metres per annum proving that we didn’t invent the process, we just perfected it. 

Our knowledge of specialty service does not stop with the strip and seal work. Nexus employs several team members that are specifically designed to develop new skills and technology throughout this sector.
It is our belief that you cannot deliver these services without the right equipment and technology, and the correct training processes for each and every team member.

With the technology evolving at such a rapid rate it is imperative that we continuously update our machinery and training processes to ensure we continue to lead this industry into the future